Haven’t updated in a while…

Been really busy with school and now a new job, and also getting ready to put my work in a big art show. But I still check this frequently and wanted to remind you guys that I can make gifs out of any videos you want! Even if they aren’t moto related… I love making them.
And also, if there is something you love about motocross that I haven’t put up yet… Please submit it! I would love to here from you guys :)

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Anonymous said: why don't you like james stewart?

Because he’s cocky and he can’t stay on his bike long enough to back his shit up.
He does make the races interesting, though.

Anonymous said: I have decided that I love you because no where in the blog it says "James Stewart"

Hahahahaha yes. Don’t worry there won’t be any Bubba posts. :)

I know how to make gifs now!

Send me links to youtube videos and tell me what you want, I’ll do my best to make it for you :)

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Hope you all had a good Christmas!

I got a tool kit and a new fly jersey among other things.
What motocross related things did you guys get? :) 

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New display pic.

Merry christmas! :)

tanyt-deactivated20120428 said: asdfghjkl; i love you so much. This blog makes me happy. :)

Awe, I love you too! Haha. Glad you like it. :)